To have a better sense of what you can expect to gain from our coaching programs, please take a moment to read what some of our clients have to say about the impact these programs have had on them.

Over the years we are privileged to have helped many clients from different backgrounds and industries achieve their goals and aspirations either from a career, leadership or business perspective.

Check out their stories below, you might just find a story that resonates with you! 

Jaya Lachhwani

Project Manager, OSF Digital Toronto, Canada

The Coaching Program helped my career transition

I got to know about 3G Action's career coaching services at the inception of my professional innings in Canada. My interactions with the coach (Tom Oluwole in my scenario) greatly influenced and motivated me through my tough times.

We also had mock interview sessions which were extremely helpful as they accurately prepared me to look at my improvement areas and work on them. Every interaction with the coach left me with a lasting experience filled with positivism, curiosity and respect for difference of opinion.

I believe that my sessions with the coach significantly contributed towards landing my first job and growing in my career.

I will gladly recommend the career coaching programs to anyone looking for a transition and wants an unbiased opinion around their career progression. These guys KNOW what they're doing!

Johnny Caputo

VP Account Management at Sterling Brokers

Practical guidance and tips through coaching

I've worked very closely with Tom over the past 18 months of my career. Tom provided me leadership and personal coaching as I began my career at a large professional services firm. Being new to the industry, Tom was an integral piece of my development. Tom and I worked diligently to identify my strengths and actionable steps to address my opportunities for development. Tom helped me develop the skills and confidence to develop a brand within the organization and was always available for personal and career support.

One instance where Tom provided tremendous value was helping to navigate a difficult conversation with a project leader. Tom prepared me for the conversation by offering a holistic perspective of the situation, including potential outcomes and insight on how to approach the conversation. Tom's strategic thinking and methodical approach helped me manage the conversation effectively and has given me the road map to dealing with this situation in the future.

Tom is a trusted advisor, friend and sounding board. His ability to think strategically coupled with his communication skills continue to help guide me both personally and professionally. I highly recommend working with Tom!

Funke Edu

Mortgage Administrator MCAP, Canada

Confidently empowered to take my career to the next level

I had the opportunity to meet Tom while trying to network and get clearer guidelines into transitioning in my career. I went ahead with getting a consultation which led to several additional coaching sessions as I was eager to learn and get better.

We had series of coaching on getting my resume ready for my next position which led me into getting an interview. We had mock interview sessions, while improving my presentation and communication skills. These sessions helped me to have clarity on steps I need to take in moving to the next phase in my career, the sessions also positively impacted my personal development.

It was a sad moment to end the program but I feel confidently equipped and ready to soar. Thank you Tom!

Biodun Adegoke

Network Engineer, University of Texas A&M, Doha, Qatar

Coaching program got me a promotion

My boss often told me "Ade there are two types of IT professionals, those who talk to computers and those who talk to people. If you want to rise in the IT field, learn to do both". Considering that I was a very quiet, reserved 'computer talker' I felt this would be a really big challenge for me.

Fortunately, I came across the Career Accelerator coaching program at 3G Action Consulting, and after a first call to understand what the coaching sessions will cover, I was completely sold!

I immediately signed up and started the sessions. In a very short space of time, I started noticing the improvements from my personal relationships with my spouse and kids to my professional relationships in the office. I became more capable and competent to discuss with people and realized that this helped me to be a better support to the academic and non-academic staff at the university. No surprise that not long after completing the coaching program, I was promoted at my office.

What I love most about this coaching program is that it has touched every aspect of my life. I was looking for a career accelerator, but I actually got much more - I got a life accelerator. You'll get more than expected value for this investment in yourself. Reach out to them today!

Aida Perez Gomez

Manager, People & Change Advisory, KPMG

The Coaching Program helped me find and settle in my role

As a newcomer in Canada, full of dreams and doubts, I was very fortunate of coming across Tom while attending a career counseling session, he was the guest speaker that day. As I listened to Tom's talk and stories, I was inspired to reach out to him and ask further questions. Looking back now, I am very glad I did!

I keenly observed Tom's genuine interest in helping people find their paths to succeed professionally and personally while simultaneously helping them develop key leadership capabilities.

During the coaching sessions, I was exposed to insightful and effective leadership methodologies. These helped me to lead myself by charting a clear career path and take specific and timely actions to pursue and attain my current professional role in a global firm - a dream come true!

If you are in the crossroad of making a mid-career big move or starting a new career I highly recommend you to engage them, you will be grateful you did!

Georgiana Dumitrescu

Business Consultant, CIBC Toronto, Canada

Coaching helped me appreciate my skills and potential

I had the opportunity to meet Tom for career advice and coaching and it was a great pleasure interacting with him.

I found him to be very personable and a great listener. He asked me the right questions that helped bring great insight and perspective.

The questions helped me see that I already had the answers within me, but I needed guidance through coaching to bring those answers out. I believe this is one of the greatest benefits of working with Tom.

Tom’s guidance and coaching allowed me to recognize my skills and potential. The coaching sessions also provided me with valuable advice on how to prepare and move forward toward my goals.

Tom has great drive and passion to help others and solve problems and I highly recommend him!

Precious Omogiate

Lead, Health & Safety, Estates and Facilities Management AKIS - Qatargas Company, Al-Khor, Qatar

Clarity for my life and career through the Coaching Program

There comes a time in life that everything seems all too familiar and you feel stuck in a cycle of events and professionalism. Enrolling in the Career Clarifier Coaching Program with 3G Action, helped me break that cycle. ​

It stimulated a series of critical thinking and evaluation for me. First of all, it helped me find answers to many ‘whys’. Why am I here? Why do I want to be or have the things I desire? The program helped me find answers to these questions and come up with a plan. In addition, finding my ‘why’ made it easier for me to be motivated and focused on achieving them. ​​

I am very happy and feel fulfilled taking part in this program because I have rediscovered myself, and I am very clear on what steps I need to take from now to reach where I want to be. ​​

My coach from 3G Action Consulting is an all-round leader who exhibited the highest levels of professionalism in delivering very relevant content to help me along my journey. ​​

I highly recommend their coaching services irrespective of your professional level or personality type. I believe it is a rewarding investment of your time and money. Make the best decision of your life/career, enroll now – you’ll thank me later!

Simisola Mogaji

Senior Solutions Consultant, UKG

Transition to the next phase of my career made seamless

I was at a point where I was seeking clarity regarding the next steps in my career. I decided to sign up for a complimentary consultation session with Tom and after that, I knew I had to enroll in one of the coaching programs, this is one of the best decisions I made as I left empowered with the skills and resources to prepare me for the next steps.

Tom served as a sounding board and helped me to articulate and identify the steps I needed to take to transition to the next phase of my career. The coaching sessions also allowed me to broaden my horizon and seek opportunities that align with my goals that I wouldn't have recognized prior to joining the program.

I appreciated the fact that the program also helped to work on my soft skills which helped to build my overall confidence and immediately helped me thrive and excel at work.

This is one program that's worth investing in and I would highly recommend Tom as a coach.

Aiden Raff

Consultant Deloitte Toronto, Canada

Reinforced understanding of my future career needs and goals

Upon completion of my undergraduate studies, I was extremely excited and energized to begin my career. I quickly realized, however, the number of different directions that could be taken. One of the challenges I faced was having energy, and drive, but uncertainty as to where to direct it.

Working with Tom has helped me to take a step back and understand myself better. Our sessions went deeper than likes and dislikes and really focused on what drives me from a foundational level.

Tom has provided me with the tools and knowledge to succeed in my future career endeavors, as well as a structured framework which have acted as a launchpad for me to develop new skills with creativity. His perspective and advice have been extremely valuable and trusted.

Tom understands people. He is very approachable, open, and experienced which has helped reinforce my own understanding of my future career needs. He is someone I can and will trust to go back to for advice. I highly recommend working with Tom, especially if you are seeking advice about your future career goals or looking for ways to match your inner passions and drive with your career path.

Segun Olowu

Associate Vice President, Productivity & Performance, TD

Positive influence on my career journey

Shortly after migrating to Canada and settling into a new role, I had a number of concerns regarding my career trajectory. I was keen to take the right steps to set myself up for success.

It was around that time that I started chatting with Tom. Through our interactions, Tom shared concepts and ideas that helped to shift my perspective to focus on the things I needed to do to achieve my goals. The actions I have taken from my coaching sessions with Tom have positively shaped my career journey.

I have also seen Tom’s professionalism, leadership and coaching skills demonstrated through his work as we partner in leading a not-for-profit organization.

I highly recommend Tom as a coach to guide you as you navigate your leadership and career aspirations

Ryan Abbott

Senior Manager, Capital Program Transformation, Metrolinx

Coaching helped improve my managerial skills

I was looking to find ways to grow my managerial skills both with my client and within my team. Tom provided fantastic coaching through thought clarifying and exploratory conversations. Each discussion provided just the right level of actionable suggestions to improve the outcomes of my efforts.

Tom was very skilled at being able to help me identify the higher perspective in situations while pointing out the common themes from our coaching conversations.

As a result, I found that Tom's coaching had a profound impact on my professional growth in the consulting business.

I would highly recommend Tom and 3G Action for any of your coaching needs

Andrew Yacoub

Senior Consultant Deloitte Toronto, Canada

Clarity through the Coaching Program

Heading into a new year, I made a personal commitment to grow in leadership in my career. Speaking to a colleague, I got to know of 3G Action's Career Clarifier and Career Accelerator coaching programs. I had an initial introduction discussion to ensure the programs would meet my needs, and without hesitation, I signed up! ​

​ Not only did I receive clarity regarding leadership and career aspirations, but I was also guided on how to take actionable steps towards achieving those goals. I learned a number of core principles, one of which my career coach often reminded me of: 'A great leader always has the right blend of competence and character'.

​ As I continuously apply these principles, I am proud of the leader I have become today.

​ If you are currently seeking answers for your own career, I highly recommend that you take the leap and try these programs!

Chioma Akins

HR Leader Gore Mutual Insurance, Canada

Clarity through the Coaching Program

Desirous of growing my influence as a leader, I embraced the opportunity of working with Tom as my coach in a leadership development program.

It was incredibly impactful. The coaching conversations provided me with the structure, tools, and thoughtfulness that enabled me to accelerate my leadership influence and achieve my career growth ambitions.

Tochukwu Ononiwu

Brand & Communications Consultant Tospecs Consulting Inc. Canada

The Coaching Program proved vital in steering me in the right direction

Two years after steering my career back on track since arriving in Canada as an internationally trained professional, I found myself at crossroads, having to make a choice between keeping a career in paid employment or veering into full-time entrepreneurship.

On one side, I was comfortable with the economic and social safety of earning a regular salary, while on the other side, I desired the independence and self-accomplishment that entrepreneurship offered. Getting to meet with 3G Action's Tomiwa at this pivotal intersection proved vital in steering me in the right direction.

Tom took me through a 6-weeks coaching program focused on fostering a mindset shift, a key factor for every aspiring entrepreneur. His approach and methodology were quite simple, yet thorough, starting off with a questionnaire that allowed a full expression of my aspirations, requisite skills, opportunities that exist within my intending sector, as well as pitfalls to avoid. It was reassuring to hear directly from a well-grounded professional, revalidating my thoughts with time-tested real-case success scenarios. ​

The final product from the coaching sessions was a self-determined business blueprint that quickly delivered remarkable results shortly after, and which will remain my guiding reference for a long time. The fact that Tom is accessible, regularly keeping tabs on my progress unprompted, has helped me remain accountable and committed to the milestones we to agreed to during the sessions.

I look forward to engaging 3G Action to complete the next-level mentorship programs available to me in the future.

Oby Okonkwo

CEO, Lexes Hair Collection Doha, Qatar @lexeshaircollection

The Coaching Program helped me find and thrive in my business

For some years, I worked a regular day job with a reputable organization. Although I was grateful for the stability of earning a steady salary, I could not see my long-term future in the role or company as I did not really enjoy what I was doing. ​

​ I was at a point where I needed to get some clarity on how to leverage my skills, interest, and passion to fuel a business that could generate money for me and my family.

​ After going through the Career Shift Program with 3G Action, I got the clarity I needed. The program helped me dig deep and grow in my self-awareness to know what types of business ideas align with my passion. ​

​ I received guidance on how to transition successfully through a plan of action and they regularly checked on me to see how I was progressing against this plan. ​

​ With over 2 years since I did the program and over 1 year of operating my business, I am happy to say I am happy with my transition. My business is well established, profitable, and growing. I am now considering how to expand my operations for greater profit.

​ Even after my coaching program ended, 3G Action has continued to check on me which shows personal interest and commitment. I would gladly recommend the firm to anyone seeking clarity on the next phase in career or business.

Olaide Lawal

President, Unified Dental Care, Detroit Michigan https://unifieddentalcare.com/

The Coaching Program directly impacted our business results

Making a decision to hire a leadership coach was not an easy one for me. I have been an autodidact (self-taught person) all my life hence my standards for what it means to be a coach were unusually high. ​

I wanted a coaching program that was not only rich in content but with a coach who has lived and worked the content in integrity for a reasonable period of time. ​

I needed a coach that would be patient enough to listen, analyze and synthesize and not just focus on delivering prepared content.

​ I found all of these and more from the Leadership Amplified Coaching Program offered by 3G Action! ​

The coaching sessions were not the typical cookie-cutter fit-all-in-same-mold I had seen in the past. The coach took the time to customize the content to suit my needs. ​

After every session I knew exactly what I needed to start, stop and continue. The improvements I have made in just the few weeks were remarkable and very noticeable by my team. ​

Fast forward 16 months after the program I can confidently say my change in leadership style impacted the engagement of my team. This in-turn positively impacted our business results as we have grown both financially and in dental centres.

I would highly recommend 3G Action's services to other business leaders who are looking to grow their leadership abilities and ultimately their business.

Amy Bob

MD/Founder, Biostat Stars, Doha, Qatar

Repositioning my business through the Coaching Program

I am so glad we had the coaching sessions. It has been incredibly helpful this semester.

The biggest help has been in reviewing my hourly prices, talking about payment protocol with clients, interacting with new clients, and establishing proper use of my resources like the question bank and notes.

The coaching with 3G Action Consulting has been very helpful and I have implemented everything we discussed!

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